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>> 10.21.2009

On a bad day, I have mood swings- but on a good day, I have a whole mood playground.
Charles Rosenblum

Today has been a wonderful day. The weather is absolutely gorgeous and good news has come left and right.

First of all, my Latin professor told us last night that no one did very well on the midterm. He used a very cute airplane metaphor and declared that, since he was the pilot, he does not blame us and will be counting our next test twice and throwing this grade out. You could feel the relief flood the room and now I will have until November (the date of the next test) to get my act together!

Also, my Senior Seminar midterm has been cancelled entirely! The professor has been ill for the last three class periods and does not feel that it is fair to spring a test on us at this point. He will instead be distributing the percentage between a rough draft of our paper and the final. Awesome!

On top of this, the pain I have been feeling has sort of eased up. My belly and back are still aching and my neck is rather stiff, but it is feeling more like regular pregnancy pain and less like OMG! I AM GOING TO DIE!

Did I mention that the weather is perfect?!

I took a few belly shots with my parent's camera- I am always a few days behind the actual weekly marker but these are technically for 28 weeks.

That's all for now. Since class was cancelled again tonight, I am going to try to get home early enough to spend the evening with my husband. Wow. An evening with my husband- it is quite the luxury these days.


Toni October 21, 2009 at 9:52 PM  

Oh, wow, you have the most precious, little baby bump. I know you may feel huge but you really have that perfect baby belly going on. :)

Congrats on all the wonderful school news. It really seems like things are falling into place. :)

Julia October 22, 2009 at 8:16 AM  

He sounds like a very good prefessor...

And i love your belly shots

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