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>> 1.03.2010

Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar.
Pablo Picasso

Sunday was a big day for Liam. He met his Mamaw and Papaw (Ryan's grandparents) as well as his Uncle Josh and Aunt Natalie ....and also had his very first bath at home with Mama and Papa:

edited by Papa.
[Liam says, "Thank you for censoring my junk, Papa. A guy needs a little privacy!"]

Although I asked the NICU nurses several times to allow me to sit in on one of Liam's baths.. it never happened. Bathing a 4 and a half pound squirming pile of baby is not in my skill set so I was slightly nervous; however "The Bath" was not nearly as terrifying as its reputation led us to believe.

We had been told that Liam hated baths... but he actually handled it handsomely. Maybe he saw the look of terror in our sleep deprived eyes and decided to have mercy on us (or simply feared for his safety) but we made it through the entire process with minimal squalling and carrying on.

So... The days are both flying and crawling. Ryan and I have been watching copious amounts of television (thank you, instant Netflix) and basically doing our best not to lose our minds in between feeding and changing and soothing and loving.

Liam had to go to the doctor this afternoon because of some nasal congestion. His pediatrician was booked so we got another doctor who reminded me of a very nice Russian grandpa. [His "th's" were actually "v's." I only thought vat happened on television!] He looked "L-eye-um"over and came to the conclusion that he may have a cold... but more than likely he has a bad case of brand-spanking new parents who are more than a bit paranoid.

Poor kid.


KarmaPearl January 5, 2010 at 9:21 AM  

We are so excited that we got to meet Liam finally! He's such a doll. I love his facial expressions. You could just sit there and watch him for hours. Congrats on getting through his first bath!!! You guys are doing great!

Becky January 5, 2010 at 9:54 AM  

Where do you get your awesome quotes? Do you keep a Bartlett's with you at all times or do you just have a list of all the cool quotes you've ever read. I have a serious case of quote-envy every time I read your blog.

Becky January 5, 2010 at 9:57 AM  

Yeah, Isaac hated baths untill his cord fell off when we were able to sink him just a bit more into the water. Then he was fine! I'm sorry he may have a bit of a cold. We had a cold at a month, and we got simply saline (saline spray) and it was a total lifesaver. We had saline drops but he would just gag on them.

He looks soo cute and so happy, you guys are doing fantastic!

~gretchen~ January 5, 2010 at 4:14 PM  

he is looking so big and cute! you guys are doing such a good job! on a side note, i just have to come out and say this... i officially hate your former nicu! it seems the only good they did was help your little bundle grow and stay healthy when he needed it which dont get me wrong, its great that they did, but so many "little" things were just not right. (you not getting to hold him for soooo long, that crappy nurse while you were rooming in, them giving you the impression that holding him or bothering with him once home was bad, not encouraging kangaroo care, these were all things that were very sad for me to hear because they were so opposite of what we experienced. not getting a chance to bathe him is seriously unheard of!!!! the last things i listed could have just been nurses having different opinions on the care of preemies, but you should have been educated on how to bathe him! its alot different bathing a 4.5 lb. baby v. a full term newborn. that just sounds like lazy, uncaring nursing to me! im sorry to ramble but im so glad the nicu is behind you and so happy that you can now take care of your baby how you wish. also, if there is anything the nurses told you that you have a feeling isnt correct, take it with a grain of salt because your probably right.

and i wanted to tell you that i just got back from my first couch to 5k jogging session!!! the "brisk 5 minute warm up" was a even a little much for my out of shape butt, but i finished and i feel so proud, I WILL CONTINUE! I WILL CONTINUE! sorry, i have to keep telling myself that over and over:) i hope you get the chance to do it too, maybe in a few weeks after a couple hours of sleep:)

Amber January 6, 2010 at 4:29 PM  

Awe... Yay he's home!

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