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>> 9.17.2009

In every girl is a goddess.
Francesca Lia Block

As I have mentioned before, I basically have the most amazing job in the universe. When I first started, it was just me and the boys...and my days were spent playing in dirt, talking about bugs, wrestling, chasing, tickling, catching balls, and working on my dinosaur roar. Even after their little sister was born, boy activities ruled on by sheer force of will; however, our days are now spent a little bit differently. With her brothers in school, my little princess revels in her girlishness.
Check out the kicks...
"'Chelle... It's a gurlwee day. Yet's go to my woom," she will often say almost immediately after hearing the garage door close behind her departing boys, "There is wots of pink fings to wook at."

So, our days are filled with pink.
We read pink books and use pink construction paper. We play with pink dolls in their pink clothes and put them in their pink dollhouse. We do our hair with pink ribbons.

We also do "wots of girl fings." Coloring in princess coloring books. Dancing and singing (and a fair amount of chasing and tickling- but in a girly way, of course) Oh, and.. we cannot forget dress-up- the dressing up the little one can do.

This little girl is so precious and loving. Everyone must be loved extensively before they leave her presence. She is my "diaper helpah," my "wunch (lunch) helpah," and, of course, my "cweeneen (cleaning) helpah." She has a soft heart, a fiesty spirit, and a sense of fashion second to none. Watch out, world!

She is always happy to see all "her boys" come home at the end of the day... and when they do, she can discuss bugs, wrestle, and play dinosaurs with the best of them, but I know she looks forward to our girl time. Maybe almost as much as I do.

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