Does This Make Me Cool?

>> 3.03.2010

I re-pierced my nose this past weekend. For the third time.
It is my way of giving adulthood the middle finger.

I first pierced it a couple of years ago on a whim.. but then had to take it out all responsible-like for a job. Once the job was over, I re-pierced it. It lasted a year; however, apparently metal and emergency c-sections don't mesh, so out it came again when Liam was born. Life can be such a kill-joy; like a stuffy old man with its panties in a wad over these new-fangled fads and rebellious youngsters. But I refuse to give up, damn it!

It hurt. It has not hurt in the past but going through the scar tissue of two previous piercings caused some slight discomfort. But I dealt with it. Because I am hardcore like that.

What is that in your face, woman?

So, as we have been asked in the past: what do we tell Liam? Papa is pierced. Mama is too. In fact, my ears are gauged to a 00 as well-- which people rarely notice (I take that to mean I pull it off well). We have tattoos. We plan on getting more. So what do we tell him when he inevitably comes to us at 14 wanting to pierce his belly button or tattoo his girlfriend's name on his neck?

Part of me believes that due to the very nature of teenagers, Liam will have no interest in any of that stuff. Simply because his parents are (or were, whatever the case may be)... and how uncool is that. But let's say he is...

My mom always told me that when I had my own baby, I would understand why parents cringe at the idea of body modification. And while my mom is often right about many things (Hi, Mom!).. she was wrong about this. I really do want Liam to make his own decisions about his body (one of the many reasons we chose not to circumcise-- but that is another post for another time). I also think that these things are more generally accepted and not nearly as big of a deal as perhaps the previous generation is under the impression that they are. In fact, I am quite sure that very few people reading this are feeling shock and dismay. We are quite mild compared to some! I know several tattooed mamas. And not just, "Oh, yeah.. I got this when I was a teenager and boy do I regret it" tattoos but "this is a beautiful piece of artwork that I am proud to have as a permanent part of my body" tattoos. And having pierced my nose three times, I am well aware that piercings are far from permanent.

This does not mean that if Liam comes to me when he is 12 years old insisting on getting Hello, Kitty! tattooed on his ass that I am just going to fork over the cash and hand him the business card of my favorite artist. It just means that I am going to trust myself to teach Liam to make well-informed, thoughtful decisions.. and then I am going to let him make those decisions for himself.
And.. I am going to enjoy my little taste of rebellion. For however long it lasts.


Toni March 3, 2010 at 2:17 PM  

I've always loved piercing but never did much of them besides belly and ears. I do have a frog tat on my high bum which I do love as well as those who have seen it. :)

and actually, I dont know of any professional who will tat anyone under 18 anymore, so Liam will just have to wait on that one if he wants it.

also, I'm loving the fact that youre using cloth diapers!

Michelle March 3, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

We just made the big switch and I'm loving every minute of it. His little fluffy toosh makes me smile every time.

Julia March 5, 2010 at 4:55 AM  

I think this is part of what makes you guys so awesome. You seem open minded and non judgmental! Liam is blessed

Becky March 5, 2010 at 3:55 PM  

Your post made me reflect on what I'll say to the Punkin when (if?) she comes to us wanting a tattoo.

I'm fine with tattoos (dad, not so much, but we'll work on that when the time comes...) but I still don't want her getting one until she's an adult and has a couple of years experience in the real world. Mostly because as "adults" we have the hindsight to see that what's terribly important to us at 16 isn't nearly so important at 26...36...46. If she gets a tattoo, I want it to be something she loves, not something she regrets.

It's probably a good thing that most artists won't tattoo someone under 18, or think of all the "I <3 the Jonas Brothers" tattoos 20-somethings would be regretting in another ten years or so. (Or, god-forbid, Team Edward and Team Jacob tattoos!)

Piercing is a little looser since, as you pointed out, it's not nearly as permanent.

We'll see...she's just 3. We have a few years before she'll be wanting some ink. :-)

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