>> 11.17.2009

Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.
Margret Cousins

I was very productive today. So productive that I am posting my gratitude with a mere hour to spare!

So, what was a so busy doing? I know you are simply dying to know...
I did laundry (which my gorgeous husband in now in the process of folding because he is wonderful). I also washed the bedsheets and quilt and made them fresh and clean. I began the daunting process of sorting through Liam's room and washed the clothes we already have for him in the fancy hypoallergenic baby detergent. Then I planned out some meals for the week, wrote up a shopping list and went grocery shopping for the first time in, quite literally, months! It is amazing how much more I appreciate simple things- like the ability to wash our clothes and cook at home. Going a couple of months without appliances was good for me, I think. I no longer see these things as chores- I see them as privileges [Heh.. I wonder how long THAT will last.]

I also spent a good bit of time at the NICU with Liam. He is still doing pretty good. His breathing was a bit more labored today so he has a chest x-ray scheduled for the morning. He also had quite a large residual from his evening feeding [though in all fairness, they moved him up to 4 ml. an hour- quite a bit for a little guy] so they are giving his tummy a little break to see if he needs some more digestion time. Also, he is up to 2 lbs, 14.5 oz.. but his night nurse said this is not a good thing. She believes it is fluid retention and is hoping he will actually lose weight tonight. Part of me is still holding out hope that it is good, healthy weight gain... because he has been gaining so steadily since birth. He dipped from 990 grams to 880 in the first week (as is to be expected) and it has been all up hill from there, excluding one small hiccup. Maybe he is just a miracle grower? A girl can dream.

Anyway.. on to my gratitude:
Today, in logical sequence from last week's post, I am taking a moment to be grateful for my wonderful, beautiful, kindhearted, sensitive, thoughtful, talented, funny, creative, smart, sexy, laundry-folding machine of a man. The list could go on because he is amazing.

This experience has shown me aspects of Ryan's character I probably never would have known otherwise....and it leaves me in awe. How in the world did I end up with this wondrous creature?! Really...tell me. I want to know. Maria took the words right out of my mouth; I must have done something majorly saintly.. at some point.. in my life.. that I don't even remotely remember.. because maybe I was on drugs or something....but damn saintly, nonetheless. [P.s.- I've never actually done drugs. I'm quite a goody-two-shoes if I am perfectly honest about it. No need for an intervention or anything.]

He does so many incredible things- and looks so good doing them. Yes ladies, he has personality, charm, and dashing good looks. Also, he is amazing in bed. Be jealous. Be jealous.. but keep your hands to yourself.

He also puts up with me when I am feeling whiny or cranky with only a moderate amount of dirty looks. And he gets me ginger ale at 2:00 in the morning when my tummy hurts. And he throws up peace signs with me even though he is not at all the peace sign throwing-up type [then again... neither am I but I do it anyway because I think I have a complex and desperately want to look cool throwing up peace signs because I never actually do and that makes me feel inferior to all those people who can throw them up with ease and comfort and don't get the peace sign duck lips that I so struggle with]. And he only looks at me a little funny when I dance in the car and try to rap along with Lil' Wayne. And he lets me listen to Lil' Wayne even though the sound of his voice is like nails on a chalkboard to his sensitive musician ears and he only rolls his eyes and sighs a little bit. Well, maybe more than a little bit... but he still lets me get away with it- at least until I look out the window and his lighting fast fingers can change the station. And he listens to me ramble for hours without once telling me I talk to much.. even though we both know that I talk.Way. Too. Much.

I already spent a good majority of a previous post bragging on him.. so I will not bore you with repetition. Just know that I have basically been smashed in the face with the biggest blessing I could ever imagine... and it didn't hurt at all.. and he looks good naked too.

I am smitten. Twitterpated. Head over heals.
And that is all.
Except that it is not all. It will never be all.
There is no end.


Julia November 18, 2009 at 7:52 AM  

You are one lucky lady!

Toni November 19, 2009 at 5:49 AM  

A damn fine post!

Yay for great men!!!!

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